Witness Me, 2016
immortality via autoloop, after George Miller's Mad Max: Fury Road, 2015
"I live. I die. I live again."
The King's Speech, 2016
performance still, with 
Squeeze Another Anthem (cont.), 2016
vinyl & acrylic installation
Inner Man Fallow, 2016
digital video performance
Squeeze Another Anthem, 2015
ink & cotton 
How Dark Can an Animal Be, 2015
performance gif, Medaglia d'Oro espresso & Toto commode
Foreign Policy Proposal, 2014
Mac OSX.9.4
Meme Casualties, 2013
performance still
Fixing an Otherwise Stiles-Less Photo, 2013
found photograph, digital image
Nowhere to Wait, 2013
digital video performance
    Public Witness, 2012
    forced public performance still
    The Absentee Landlord Rig, 2011
    digital video performance
    48 HR Detox, 2010
    digital video performance, U.S. 100 dollar bill, matches, commode
    Crossbreeding, 2010
    performance still
    Every Play Ever, 2009
    digital video performance, featuring Molly Lieber
    Mystery Date Stupid Marriage, 2008
    digital video performance
    Blending, 2007
    covert performance still